Saturday, June 25, 2011

Plancher Trial Day 10: Former UCF Player Contradicts O'Leary

((HT: Orlando Sentinel/Limon))

Iliana Limon's must read of the Ereck Plancher trial continues with Day 10 disclosing another former University of Central Florida saying head coach George O'Leary would pull water from certain drills for what was termed "mental toughness."

Former wideout Brian Watters was one of five to testify on Day 10. Robert Jackson, the only certified athletic trainer on duty that day, said that he could not testify with certainty if water was inside the fieldhouse or not that day. Members of the Plancher family also testified on the emotional distress of the family.

Here's the O'Leary greatest hits from Day 9...

The trial is supposed to resume Monday morning with a tour of the UCF facility...

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