Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ohio State compliance director gets a free car too

Doug Archie/Courtesy:
((ht: wbns-tv))

It must be nice to be in the compliance business.

We fully realize that big-time Universities have business arrangements with a variety of vendors and others within their communities. We also realize many employees, such as coaches and athletic directors and such often have Courtesy Car privilages written into their contract.

But it looks really odd, when the compliance director gets a car. Particularly at a school that seems to be having some issues with players getting the same treatment.

It may be totally above board and at some schools perfectly legitimate, but Ohio State compliance director Doug Archie, he gets a Courtesy Car.

And no, it doesn't come from one of the dealers at the center of the Terrelle Pryor investigation, but it does come from a dealership owned by a former player, who tells our friends at WBNS-TV, that he sometimes employes "Student-athletes" during the summer.

Read the full story from WBNS, RIGHT HERE

Hmmm. There are some serious conflicts of interest in this story--by that we mean the people involved. Yes, we readily admit, the car dealer in question, Miracle Motor Mart, may not be doing anything wrong. But it doesn't leave a particularly good impression either.

And no, Ohio State fans, this isn't ripping for the sake of ripping. Considering the perks that everyone OSU football seems to get, this is a legitimate questions. How can you tell kids not to take these kinds of deals, if you are taking them yourself.

Watch the WBNS story and see what you think:





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