Monday, June 20, 2011

Stow Beating Suspect Gets 10 Months For Probation Violation


The main suspect in the Bryan Stow beating has been ordered held in custody for 10 months on a parole violation.

The California state Department of Corrections says a parole hearing for Giovanni Ramirez concluded with a finding that there was "cause to believe the convicted felon had violated parole by having access to a weapon."

That means Ramirez will remain in custody while police continue their investigation.

Ramirez's attorney plans to appeal...

Shocker there...

Here's Wendy Burch on the idea of Ramirez possibly getting released...
Before he wasn't...

Police are still looking for at least two other suspects in the Stow case-- a second man and the female driver of the car that took the two alleged suspects away.

The female is described as a 5-foot-2 Latina woman in her 20s with dark hair worn in a ponytail and wearing a white Andre Ethier jersey. She was reportedly driving a white sedan with a 10-year-old boy inside.

How the ID notates a 10-year-old boy, the HQ isn't quite clear...

The reward for information leading to their arrest and conviction now stands at $250,000.

You can donate to a fund for Bryan Stow by going to: Act #118881

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