Friday, July 8, 2011

U2 buys Vanderbilt new football field

U2 Stage in Nashville
((ht: tennessean))

U2 was the headline act at a "Mega-Concert" July 2 at Vanderbilt's football stadium and from all accounts it was quite a show.

It featured, among other things a gigantic stage right in the middle of the football field...and there were a ton of fans down, on the grass, right in front of it.

That's why, Vanderbilt got a clause put in the contract with the band. Since the stage and all the fans were going to tear up the grass surface, the band offered to buy a "new" grass surface. And it is being put in place, even as we write this.

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Good for Vanderbilt. Having been in that stadium multiple times, we wondered how they'd able to pull of something of the scale of a U2 concert. We had many friends in attendance and while they seemed to love the show, they said it was an extremely tight fit.

We give props to the school for coming up with an option that benefits everyone.

Here's some video of the concert from YouTube:

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