Friday, July 8, 2011

UPDATE-Fan who died at Rangers game identified

EMT's rush into action
This is one of the more sad stories in baseball in a very long time. We first reported last night about a fan falling some 20-feet to his death from the railing in left field at Thursday nights Texas Rangers game in while trying to get a tossed baseball for his son.

That fan has been identified.

He's 39-year old Shannon Stone, a firefighter from Brownwood, Texas. According to the Arlington, Texas fire department, Stone passed away after going into full-cardiac arrest while being transported to the hospital.

The accident happened halfway through the 2nd inning of the Rangers home game against the Oakland. Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton picked up a foul ball that had been hit his way and decided to toss it into the stands in the direction of Stone. Knowing Hamilton, he was probably trying to make sure Stone's son, standing right next to him, got a ball.

Stone fell, some 20-feet.

The Fort-Worth Star-Telegram picks up the story RIGHT HERE

The Rangers, Hamilton in particular according to several reports are absolutely distraught over what happened. As were several relief pitchers for the A's stationed in the left-field bullpen, who saw the whole thing.

This is going to be a tough incident to investigate. Yes, we reported last night that it comes almost exactly one year after a similar accident injured a fan. But this is something that will be very hard to regulate.

Sure, it illustrates that fans should not reach over the railing for anything during a game, but how to you stop that?

Ballpark officials, the Rangers and others continue investigating what and how this could happen, we'll bring you more when that happens.

Here is last nights story from WFAA-TV in Dallas:


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