Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Judge to UCF: No new trial for you...

Ereck Plancher/File

The University of Central Florida's Athletic Association will not be getting a new trial in the case of Ereck Plancher's death.

Tuesday afternoon, that request was denied by a judge and still saddles the association with a $10 million award that the Athletic Association is required to pay out to Plancher's family.

The UCFAA had objected to Judge Robert Evans and said he didn't preside over a fair and impartial trial.

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The UCFAA hasn't decided yet if they are going to appeal and interestingly the judge said afterwards he wouldn't be surprised if they did.

We are guessing the Associations insurance company is pushing really hard to get this overturned. It was attorney's for Great American Insurance that ran their end of the trial. And they rejected a settlement option from the family that would have cut their payment in half.

For those unfamiliar. Ereck Plancher was a UCF Football player who died after a vigorous practice back in 2008. There was some debate as to the circumstances and the medical examiner said he died because he carried the sickle cell trait. That was heavily argued during the three week trial, but ultimately, the jury believed the family should be rewarded and UCF was negligent for not informing or knowing of Plancher's condition.

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