Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Michael Floyd: 3 Alcohol charges--but reinstated to the team

Michael Floyd
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It must be nice to be a football player. It's one of the only jobs where you can have 3 alcohol related arrests in 3 years and yet still not be punished. In fact, just today, Michael Floyd was reinstated to the Notre Dame football team. It's no coincidence he's the teams leading receiver.

If it sounds like we are judging a little. It's because we are. We fully understand he's a kid and kids make mistakes. But he made 3 of them. All somewhat related. Imagine if it were you who'd been arrested 3 times, how hard a time do you think you'd have at work...if you weren't fired on the spot?

Floyd, who most recently was arrested for Driving Under the Influence was placed on probation for a year and had his license suspended for 90 days. Then have the ignition breath device attached to his car.

You can read more from the South Bend Tribune RIGHT HERE

And yes, Floyd released a statement, "The last four months have been the most humbling stretch of time in my life. I embarrassed myself, my family, the university, my football team and many more people."

Floyd will no longer be a team captain, though his head coach Brian Kelly said he'd have an opportunity to be a game day captain. Oh, Kelly, added that he believes Floyd has made progress, worked on personal growth and learned how to make better choices in the future.

We hope that Michael Floyd speaks the truth and stays away from the alcohol. Two arrests for underage drinking and a DUI, all before the age of 22, makes one wonder if he has a problem.

For what it is worth, a reporter for the Chicago Tribune asked Floyd if he's been to a bar since his last arrest. He answered "Yes".

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