Tuesday, August 2, 2011

No High School games this year on Longhorn Network

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Okay, so they held off the propaganda network for a season. We just kind of wonder if any of the teams in the Big 12/10 have some buyers remorse now.

If you are asking about what we are cryptically talking about, it's the University of Texas's attempt at adding money to their coffers: The Longhorn Network.

Monday afternoon, Big 12/10 athletic directors decided to not allow high school games to be shown for at least the 1st season. Something that over the past couple of weeks has become a highly talked about issue. And something that created a rather unecessary pall over the conference's recent football media days week.

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No, we aren't sure why they waited this long to voice their concerns over this, the decision to start the Network came months ago when they agreed to allow Texas to do this whole network thing. Yes, we know they did it to keep the Big 12/10 from folding, but in the process have seemingly created a monster.

And the fact that ESPN, the Longhorns partner, talked--no bragged openly about showing high school games with potential recruits, that apparently tipped the barrel so-to-speak.

Supposedly the NCAA is looking into the viability of team specific or conference specific networks airing High School games and they should. While you can say all you want it "Doesn't give an advantage", anyone who follows recruiting knows that is a load of crap. It's all about the advantage. Don't think for a minute having a kid showcased in a "Game of the Week" on the Longhorn network would give them a leg up in recruiting. Of course it would.

Anytime kids can be on TV, they are captivated and by putting them on a team specific or conference specific network, you can brand them early. Think about it. We've got an entire generation of athletes who've be raised on ESPN highlights. Thankfully, ESPN doesn't take up for specific schools (...wink).

Enjoy your Longhorn Network Promo spoof courtesy of The Shick and Nick show:

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