Thursday, July 1, 2010

Def-LeBron-Con 1: Day One Of The NBA Free Agent Frenzy


It seems that a lot of NBA players will be staying home and taking max deals...

Stunner there...

The Bucks are close to inking John Salmonds again and the Hawks hope
Joe Johnson to a max of their own... 6 years and $119M

Rudy Gay is five years newer with Memphis for $82-million

The Bucks and Drew Gooden agree to a four-year deal

Darko and Minnesota are now together for four years

And Phil Jackson is staying for another attempt at a three-peat with the Lakers...

CBS2's Jim Hill looks at what Jackson has done for the league and the Lakers in his tour of the NBA...

And, here's your latest from Cleveland... thanks to our friends at Newsnet5

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