Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lawrence Taylor: I'm not guilty!

The original LT's adventures in court continued this morning in New York. The NFL Hall of Fame linebacker and competitor on the sort-of reality show Dancing With the Stars, pled not guilty to charges that included 3rd degree rape.

More from the NY Post RIGHT HERE

Another version, from the Daily News RIGHT HERE

((LT...from a previous arrest//Courtesy: Miami-Dade Corrections))

The whole thing stems from an encounter on May 6th, where Taylor supposedly paid a 16-year old to have sex with him in a hotel room.

We think that the whole thing just smells bad. Taylor, according to comments in today's story seems to not take this too seriously. We remind him he's allegedly a married man...or was.

Maybe for people in the "Elite" rarefied air of an athlete, former athlete or alleged star, things like this are commonplace. But, to most people who live a normal life...its far from it. Ultimately, Taylor has and will pay a price for this...as well he should. (Wow...we just got all moral on his ass!)

Here's early coverage from our friends at WCBS-TV, it's only a quick VO since they're All Boss All The Time today...

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