Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dwight Howard grants dying woman's wish....

Dwight and Kay Kellogg/Courtesy: Orlando Sentinel/Shanda Brown

This is why we love athletes who care. We've followed Dwight Howard since he was a high school star in Southwest Atlanta. We've known he's a little different, different in a good way.

He was raised the right way. His father, a retired Georgia State Patrol officer. His uncle, the Fulton County (Atlanta) district attorney. He gets it. He always has.

Recently, he granted a wish to an Orlando area woman who is dying of cancer. She wanted nothing more then to spend time with Dwight. He was supposed to visit for a half-hour, he stayed for two hours. We could go on about this story, but you need to read it for your own self.

Read a great story from Mike Bianchi and the Orlando Sentinel....RIGHT HERE

There are oh, so many athletes who would never do something like this. The fact that Dwight did, doesn't surprise us in the least. Having seen him with kids at his annual camp in Atlanta and seen him when he returns each year to Southwest Atlanta Christian School, we've seen what he's about.

Sure, he's about playing basketball and winning, but more importantly, he's also about doing right for others. We've seen the joy he gets out of making people happy and quite honestly, it makes us happy too.

Best of luck to both Dwight and the subject of this story Kay Kellogg, your lives are already blessed, we are just happy someone was willing to share your stories.

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