Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Josh Koeppel of Iowa gets plowed at intersection and walks away...

Josh Koeppel/Courtesy: univ. of Iowa

This should be a bit of a wake-up call to a college's who let their players ride around campus on scooters.

Iowa offensive lineman Josh Koeppel got a scare on Monday morning while riding downtown on his scooter. A pickup truck turned into an intersection, apparently not seeing Koeppel, and plowed right into him.

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Thankfully, Koeppel walked away with a few cuts and scrapes. He's lucky.

We've seen the scooters that a lot of college players use to get around. For the most part they are fairly responsible with them. In Koeppel's case he was, though he was in the downtown area as opposed to campus. He had the right of way.

Either way, scary stuff.

Our friends at the have some dash cam video from an Iowa City police officer who saw the whole thing.

Check it out:

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