Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fore!!!, Maybe I Should Have Yelled "Fire"

Talk about your golf game being on fire, a golfer who played a round at Shady Canyon Golf Course in Irvine, California Tuesday was literally on fire.

A golfer whose name is being withheld chipped a rock while trying to hit the ball out of the rough. When his club struck the rock it caused a spark that ignited the rough and quickly spread.

150 Orange County, California firefighters responded to fight the blaze that burned 12 acres.
No charges were filed on the golfer who started the fire but rumor has it he had to take a 2-stroke penalty. I would hate to be on the tee box following this group and hitting my shot into the building blaze. You know the rule of golf, play it were it lies.

Those of us in the OGS HQ have a reputation when we play a round of golf to destroy some turf but we haven't actually set the course on fire literally or figuratively,

I remember taking golf lessons many years ago and my teacher, 1955 U.S. Open Champion Jack Fleck, telling me to "burn the grass". I never took it that far.

Photo Courtesy: Zach Bates

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