Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mining Activists Demand Nike Apology Over WV Uniforms

Mountaintop removal mining activists are demanding Nike pull its promotional ad for a new West Virginia football uniform because it features a strip mine.

The HQ is looking at the semantics of the argument, and we understand the beef. But we think it goes under the "it's the thought that counts" category.

The design is a tribute to 29 men killed in the Upper Big Branch mine explosion. But activists, including a guy by the name of Bo Webb, point out the mine was an underground operation.

Once again, we get it, but we're not pouring over every inch of the presentation looking for inaccuracies. Would Mister Webb have preferred the player-representation be underground with the helmet streak lighting the way out...???

They say the ad suggests WVU and Nike endorse the controversial form of strip mining, and Webb wants apologies to the people harmed by such mines.


West Virginia is wearing the uniform for the "Back Yard Brawl" at Pitt.

Here's Bob Huggins explaining/reading what Nike did...
((HT: The Swoosh/Youtube))

The HQ will admit the uni looks kinda cool, though...

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