Thursday, September 2, 2010

OSG High: 2 NC Schools Banned From Playoffs After Brawl


Two North Carolina high schools, Pinecrest and Union Pines high schools, have been barred from the North Carolina High School Athletic Association state playoffs.

Both teams each had three players ejected from last week's game after a bench-clearing, sideline-exiting brawl broke out.

The brawl happened during a kickoff in the second quarter.

The two high schools had both said that they did not have video of the incident. The HQ doubts this, severely, since every team has some camera on the game action for coach's review and analysis. But that's their line...

A fan was rolling, however, and their version was turned over to the NCHSAA, but not to the media.

According to NCHSAA rules, teams who have three players ejected for fighting will be barred from the state playoffs. Players who are ejected for fighting will serve a mandatory two game suspension from the NCHSAA, and the schools are also subject to a $1,000 fine. The Moore County School System can add on to the penalties if they want.

Pinecrest and Union Pines are rival schools in Moore County, North Carolina. Pinecrest won the game 69-14.

Here's the play-by-play of the brawl, thanks to our friends at Moore Sports Radio... or, you can listen to it here...

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