Friday, September 10, 2010

NCAA has issues with Tennessee Basketball to go along with Football

Hoops Coach Bruce Pearl/Courtesy:
The folks in Knoxville we would say are shaking their collective heads right now, but knowing them, we suspect they are thinking there is a conspiracy theory afoot.

According to the Knoxville News-Sentinel and other outlets, the NCAA has been investigating coach Bruce Pearl and the Basketball team.

That is on top of the specter of a potential letter of inquiry about the football team, most of those issues dating back to our pal Kiffikins. No doubt, you've also read here and in other places about the legal issues that several players have had. But we digress.

More on the Basketball issues from the RIGHT HERE

If these investigations bear fruit, which they often do, it doesn't speak too well about a lot of things. One, the Athletic Director, Mike Hamilton should be looking over his shoulder. Two, the coaches, for both squads, while not necessarily in job trouble, may have some serious hurdles to overcome.

Perhaps the biggest issue will be perception. Knoxville, perhaps more than any other city in the country pretty much lives and dies with the schools athletic teams. We are quite sure it will be considered an attack by the people of Knoxville, in fact we might say, they'd consider it war. To have one...or two of their more popular sports on probation or in trouble would, well, it would do some serious PR damage in a town where anything UT is considered god-like.

Here is some kinda crappy video of coach Bruce Pearl attempting to rap...they should be punished just for allowing this to happen. Thanks YouTube:

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