Friday, September 10, 2010

Who is Chris Hawkins? The guy who is causing AJ Green and UNC problems.

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Well, we now have an answer to the question of "Who is the person that instigated the NCAA investigations of North Carolina and AJ Green?". That guy is a former UNC football player by the name of Chris Hawkins.

Hawkins, it appears, was the not-named possible agent listed in the NCAA decision to suspend Georgia wide receiver AJ Green. He also is apparently one of the, if not the center point of the NCAA investigation at North Carolina.

Read more from the well-informed Mark Schalbach of RIGHT HERE

Hawkins, according to the story, did some not so good things here. While not saying that he mis-represented himself, he came across as someone who knew exactly what he was doing. We aren't saying that Green is without guilt in his dealings with Hawkins, though we believe Green didn't think about what he was doing or who he might be dealing with.

Hawkins, it seems like, may be a front guy...a connector if you will, for several agents. He told Schlabach that he "Helps my friends sort through the process. It's not just one, I do lots of research".

Hmmmm. That sounds like an agent representative to us. Or maybe you can just call him a facilitator. Either way, it sounds like Hawkins is part of the overall bigger problem. Agents, not wanting to get caught contacting kids on their own, use a middleman to make contact and establish a relationship. That middleman then can basically market the kids to the highest bidder. And yes, Hawkins or the what we suspect are a large group of middlemen, get a cut of the agents cut should the player land a big contract.

We think the NCAA, though heavy-handed at times, is on the right track here. There is a huge problem with player contact that needs to be addressed and this may be the only way to do it.

We will add that they still need to do something about the stupid rules about players not being able to make any money off of their likenesses, something they will get to do as soon as they reach the NFL. Both the schools and the NCAA make a killing off of those sales, it's a load of crap to say the jersey's aren't about individual players.

Here is video of AJ Green making his 1st TD catch as a Georgia Bulldog in 2008. For what it is worth, I would have been standing roughly 2 or 3 people to the left of whomever shot this. Thanks YouTube:

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