Friday, September 10, 2010

UPDATED AND DEVELOPING: Antwan Odom has some banned substance issues...

Antwan Odom/Courtesy:
It appears the 1st victim this season of the NFL's banned substance rule may be Antwan Odom of the Cincinnati Bengals.

According to reports, and confirmed later by Odom in a Tweet. There is an issue and it's being appealed. He swears that it isn't steroids or PED's. But doesn't elaborate on what it is. Before getting hurt late midway through the 2009 season, Odom was the Bengals best defensive lineman.

More about what is going on from our friends at RIGHT HERE

The Cincinnati Enquirer's beat writer, Joe Reedy,  has basically the same story with the Bengals saying they know nothing about it, RIGHT HERE

The league hasn't released anything about this, reports started circulating late last night about it. It appears the issue won't prevent Odom from playing this Sunday against New England. After, that, we don't know. We suspect that if anything will be released by the league--or for that matter the team, it won't be announced until next week.

We also guess that Mr. Odom might want to try and avoid the phalanx of reporters who will be surrounding him after Sunday's game. Because the obvious question will be asked.

**((UPDATE 9-10-10 at 1:50pm))** According to Mr. Reedy, Odom wasn't available but head coach Marvin Lewis spoke about the issue today. The link is RIGHT HERE

Here is some video of Mr. Odom sacking Ben Rothlisberger last year. Thanks YouTube:

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