Friday, September 10, 2010

Who knew? Ron Artest talks about Mental Health issues....

Ron Artest Speaking in LA/Courtesy: Brian Van der burg/LA Times
Anyone who has read about or seen Ron Artest, starting forward for the LA Lakers, often wonders what planet he's from.

From the bizarrely colored hair to driving through LA in essentially an Indy car, to appearing on the Jimmy Kimmel show in his boxers and heck, even his fight in Detroit back in the day, Artest hasn't exactly been the poster child for all that is good in sports.

We aren't going as far to say the bizzare behavior will stop, but he, at least briefly spoke to a group of middle school kids in the LA area recently to talk about some issues that might explain his behavior. He also talked about the best way to solve problems--ask for help.

Read the very good story from Bill Plaschke and the LA Times RIGHT HERE

We applaud Artest for stepping up and talking to kids about things that need to be discussed. We give him tons of credit for admitting that he hasn't exactly had a great upbringing and that it may be the cause of some of his issues.

We also applaud him for taking a stand. He, at least on this day, pushed an issue that is important. He pushed an issue that needs to be pushed and did the right thing. We don't know if this is the turning of a new leaf for him or not, but again, we say on this issue....Bravo!

Here is video of Artest on Jimmy Kimmel Live--in his boxers. Thanks JimmyKimmelLive and YouTube:

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