Monday, December 13, 2010

BREAKING: Sal Alosi suspended for the season

And he should have been fired. There is...and was no excuse for what the Jets strength coach did to Miami Dolphins player Nolan Carroll in Sunday's game. None.

By now you've seen the video of Alosi sticking out his leg and tripping Carroll as he was pushed out of bounds on punt coverage. He should be fired for it. Instead, the Jets have fined him and suspended him for the rest of the regular season.

The ever informative Jay Glazer of has more RIGHT HERE 

Sure, we get that Alosi has apologized, it's the least he could do. There is also some discussion that the NFL is now looking into the line of Assistant coaches on the sideline. According to a report on Monday Night Countdown, there is concern that teams are purposely lining coaches up there to distract or deter gunners on punt coverage.

Either way, there is nothing that can justify what he did. As the Dolphins Channing Crowder said, it is the ultimate "low class" move. Sorry, my Dolphin allegiances aside, there is no cause for anyone, Assistant coach, strength coach...anyone on the sideline should be automatically tossed from the game on the spot...and fired.

Here is video from the Sal Aliosi "Press Conference" this afternoon:

<a href="" target="_new" title="">Alosi aplogizes for trip</a>

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