Thursday, December 2, 2010

DEVELOPING: Locksley To Return In 2011

Mike Locksley is returning next season as New Mexico's head football coach- much to the outright dismay, consternation, and disgust of the remainder of the civilized world.

The announcement was made on the school's athletics website. Lobos AD Paul Krebs says he has finished his evaluation of the football program and determined that Locksley will return.

Mainly, Krebs didn't say, because the school can't afford to buy him out at the moment- especially after the governor's office cut 8-million off the university budget for next fiscal year.

That, and any high-powered booster that is left doesn't want to buy Locksley out.

Krebs says the announcement was made "to quiet speculation about our head football coaching position." Krebs says it's important for recruits to know Locksley is coming back.

Once again, what Krebs didn't say was that any recruit in his right mind would flee quickly in the other direction with the divulging of these details...

The Lobos finished 1-11 for the second straight season under Locksley, who was hired in December 2008.

Krebs says neither he nor Locksley are satisfied with results on the field, and he says both of them expect to see improvement in 2011.

Yeah, good luck with that one...
Here's what we're getting another year of...
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