Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Is Mike Haywood the guy at Pitt?

Mike Haywood/Courtesy:
It sure sounds like he is. The coach at Miami (Ohio), would appear to be the guy who will replace the Wannstache at Pitt.

There are a couple of reports that it's a done deal, well actually it started with the 4-letter (ESPN). The Panthers had been targeting now former Oklahoma State offensive coordinator Dana Halgorsen, but he appears to be the new coach-in-waiting at West Virginia...which we might add, is roughly the same place as Pittsburgh.

Haywood is coming off a hugely successful turnaround with the Redhawks who've struggled over the past several seasons. He took them to their first bowl game in years this season, with the team winning the MAC and getting a berth in the bowl in Mobile, come January.

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Really, despite Haywood coaching a mere 45 minutes from the Satellite office, we aren't that familiar with him. His team works in relative anonymity in Southwest Ohio an area that honestly isn't to particularly into College football. He appears to be able to coach, getting success in D-I football from a relatively small school not far from a fairly big city. Whether or not he's the answer at the underachieving Pittsburgh, remains to be seen.

Here is video of Haywood pumping up his troops earlier this season:

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