Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sigh!....Cliff Lee goes to Philadelphia

Cliff Lee/Courtesy: michael s. wirtz-philly.com
Really, Major League Baseball isn't fair. It's the only game where the rich get richer and the Pittsburgh Pirates are a Triple A team.

Yes, in a move that left Sports Journalists and Philadelphia fans excited, top free agent pitcher Cliff Lee spurned the New York Yankees and Texas Rangers, to sign a 5-year contract with the Philadelphia Phillies.

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We truly are conflicted here. While we are very happy he didn't go to the Yankees, we are a little disappointed he ended up in the National League East. Particularly a team that already has Roy Halliday, Roy Oswalt and Cole Hamels.

Here is the reaction from an odd sounding...and gushing reporter Ross Klavens from NBC Philadelphia who we suspect may be getting his 1st ever Sports related story.

View more news videos at: http://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/video.

Now....the part of this we take humor in. The Yankees are not getting any of the "High Priced" Free Agents they wanted. And the New York fans, media and team...are already whining, not understanding how anyone could spurn them.

Enjoy your New York perspective from Mike Lupica of the DailyNews RIGHT HERE

While Daily News columnist Andy Martino says "Surprise"Lee will regret it. RIGHT HERE

There isn't much TV coverage in the Big Apple, so we'll do a quick breakdown. Short of injury, the Phillies are now your team to beat in Baseball. It's safe to compare them to the Miami Heat. We can't fathom how much money they must take in every year, because their payroll is quickly approaching Yankees/Red Sox status.

As for the Yankees, they'll be alright. They still have their mega-gazillionaire's in the field and C.C Sabbathia on the mound. Sure, they'll have to rely on Andy Pettite to be good--and healthy, but they will hit well enough to win most of the time.

The only potential saving grace here is that the team with the biggest salary doesn't always win the World Series. The San Francisco Giants proved that again this year. We hope that trend will continue, because as much as we like baseball, we really don't want to see a forgone conclusion before the season even starts.

An oldie, but something you'll probably here in Philly....

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