Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dan Snyder is a Douchebag...

Dan Snyder/Courtesy:
((ht: washington post))

Geez. Mr. Sense of Humor himself, Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder apparently doesn't like it when people have a little fun with his lack of successful sports ownership skills.

In fact, he apparently has such a non-existent sense of humor, that a somewhat facetious story in the Washington City Paper got him so riled up that he is threatening to sue the paper unless they fire the reporter that wrote it.

Note to little don't own the paper...or the reporter who wrote it. Read the offending story, written by Dave McKenna which is really, pretty creative...and funny RIGHT HERE. There is also a response to Snyder by the publisher at the top of the story. Oh wait...we forgot. You tried to keep people from booing you or putting negative signs about you at your stadium. Sorry, we had to be reminded of that.

More from the Washington Post RIGHT HERE

Snyder's lawyers are claiming he's been defamed, though we are pretty sure that most Redskins fans could make the same claim against Snyder.

McKenna obviously did some research for the story, it makes references to quite a few things in Snyder's somewhat curious business past. Along with references a rather lengthy list of PR and greed missteps over the course of Snyder's ownership tenure.

Though we are far from lawyers, we are in the media and we are pretty sure that this is just a really lame-ass attempt at a publicity stunt from Snyder. Like it or not he's a public figure and as such it makes him open to satire (if he understands the term). Never mind the fact that the multitude of stupid moves both with the team and in the public gives pretty much any creative writer all the ammunition that they need to do the exact, well written and entertaining story that Mr. McKenna did.

We might recommend the comedian who did this skit on YouTube check his mailbox, there may be a lawsuit sitting in it from the target of his video.

I guess we better check ours now too.....


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Thanks for reminding me that my Deadskins are a laughing stock. I'm just living the dream...with McNabb as a #3 QB...fml...

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