Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lane Kiffin to leave lasting reminder at Tennessee

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Because his departure just wasn't enough to remember him by, former coach Lane Kiffin will apparently leave another piece of his vaunted coaching legacy in Knoxville, NCAA sanctions.

According to an article published on the website, the NCAA is going to cite the Tennessee program with a "Failure to Monitor" violation. There will apparently also be citations against David Reaves, the former assistant quarterbacks coach in Knoxville.

Read the excellent article by Fanhouse writer Clay Travis RIGHT HERE

Most of this apparently dates back to Kiffin's use of the "Orange Pride" hostesses along with some improper recruiting contact.

While we've been pretty critical in the past of the sometimes odd goings-on in Knoxville in regards to athletes, we think that the NCAA sanctions in this case are going to end up being not fair to those currently at the school.

It's astounding to us that a coach, such as Kiffin, can come in, run amok and do what he wants, getting in trouble with the NCAA--leave and suffer no repercussions. The school certainly will be paying the price.

Consider though, what we are saying is more a broad blanket statement. It's not so much about Tennessee suffering as schools in general that suffer. This isn't the first time a coach has broken the rules, left and made someone else deal with the fallout.

As for the athletic department in Knoxville, they should be worried. This, on top of the trouble that Bruce Pearl is in for basketball, could easily lead one to believe that there is no institutional control of the Tennessee athletics program. We may be wrong in that assumption, but the evidence is there. The dark-overlords of the NCAA do not look kindly on things like that and the thought of a school not monitoring things.

Tough time could be afoot. And while the school deserves some of the blame for the Kiffin hire, the so-called "Compliance" office that they allegedly have should be checking what their coaches are doing a lot better too.

Remember this story from January? When Kiffikins resigned to head to Southern Cal? Thanks WVLT-TV:

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