Friday, February 11, 2011

DEVELOPING: Cal Kills Baseball And Gymnastics, Reinstates 3 Others

Cal-Berkeley reinstated three teams that were going to be eliminated in budget-cutting moves but is still going to eliminate the baseball and men's gymnastics teams.

The school announced the decision to keep the men's rugby, women's lacrosse and women's gymnastics teams. The two women's teams had been slated for elimination back in September, while men's rugby was going to be reclassified as a "varsity club
sport" despite its consistent national championship title wins.

Campus officials say they received between $12 and $13 million in pledges from the group "Save Cal Sports." They believe $8 million will be available for the three sports that were retained. That will cover their costs for seven to 10 years- according to their own financial estimates.

Cal Vice Chancellor Frank Yeary says that any money that had been pledged for baseball and men's gymnastics were insufficient for any kind of long-term viability.

Here's a story from CalTv's Kevin Cohen when the news first hit last year...

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