Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ferentz Answers Iowa Questions On Signing Day

((HT: KCRG-TV Cedar Rapids))

Iowa Head Football Coach Kirk Ferentz says he still doesn't know why 13 players were hospitalized with a muscle disorder following intense workouts.

Ferentz told reporters his teams had done similar or even tougher workout routines three times before without anything going wrong.

He says he has no idea why the workout gave the players rhabdomyolysis, which releases muscle fibers into the bloodstream and can cause kidney damage. All 13 players have been released from the hospital after a week's worth of treatment.

Ferentz says the workouts will not be repeated. But he says he has confidence in Chris Doyle, the Iowa strength and conditioning coach who designed them.

Here's Ferentz's day where he wanted to talk about anything else...
Chris Earl was outside- presumably cold...

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