Wednesday, February 2, 2011

OSG High: Hurley Gets 1,000th Win

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The HQ just thought this would be a cool mention...

Bob Hurley, Senior who has been coaching at St. Anthony ((NJ)) High School for the past 39 years, became the 10th high school boys basketball coach to ever get his 1,000th win. His Friars defeated St. Mary's ((NJ)) High 76-46, and his career record stands at 1,000-110.

"I'm somewhat of a historian," he said. Hurley became just the third high school coach ever to be inducted into the National Basketball Hall of Fame last year.

"It's a very difficult number to get to. You have to do this for a long time and be pretty good at it. And have an awful lot of help along the way. It's an incredible accomplishment. We're very proud of this."

Here's a trailer from "The Street Stops Here"- a documentary on Hurley seen on PBS...

And here's Hurley's induction...

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