Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Michael Vick gets key to city in Dallas, Mayor wants to know why....

Vick doing an interview in 2007 in Atlanta/Courtesy: dallasnews.com
This is a strange story. And confusing. Apparently, the "Mayor Pro Tem" for the city of Dallas, Dawine Caraway gave Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick the key to the city on Saturday.

However, the actual "Mayor" of the city apparently didn't approve it and is still trying to figure out the why part of this. It appears, according to reports, the reason it happened, was because in Dallas, city officials can hand out "Token" keys to whomever they choose.

For his part, Caraway, in a released statement, said that he did it for the way Vick turned his well documented troubles around. Something that is honorable, but still a cause of consternation among many politicians and people in general.

Read the VERY confusing story from the Dallas Morning News RIGHT HERE

While we don't totally disagree with the sentiment that Mr. Caraway was trying to elicit, there is probably a better way to go about it. We also really think that the whole "Key" giveaway thing in the city of Dallas is nothing short of bizarre.

We fully realize that cities have some strange and sometimes antiquated traditions, they might want to and apparently are reconsidering this one. We aren't taking any shots here at Vick, because hey, if someone wants to honor you with something that appears to be a big deal he'd be silly to say no. However, the name Michael Vick still elicits some really negative responses and as much as he, the Eagles and the NFL would like his past to go away, it's not going to anytime soon.

((***PHOTO NOTE***--We chose this photo because yours truly was behind the 46 mic shooting this interview on video))

Here is the TV Story from our friends at WFAA-TV:

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