Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Titans coach Mike Munchak making changes, lots of them....

Mike Heimerdinger/Courtesy: tennessean.com
Enough that there will probably be an entirely new coaching staff come next season (or whatever season they next play--strike).

Included in those being told their services are no longer needed, offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger. You'll recall Heimerdinger was diagnosed with cancer this past November, he kept coaching through chemotherapy treatments.

More from Jim Wyatt of The Tennessean RIGHT HERE

One coach who may be heading to Nashville, Texans offensive line coach Bruce Matthews, a former teammate of Munchak's. By coincidence, the Titans just happen to be in the market for an offensive line coach.

Enjoy your NFL tidbits here as we go, because as the clock ticks closer to March 4th, the likelihood of an NFL strike is sitting there like the elephant in the room.

We think Munchak is a good hire for the Titans and the house-cleaning, though painful, is necessary. They have a major rebuilding job ahead of them and you gotta start somewhere.

Because we couldn't find any embeddable video of Munchak or Heimerdinger, take a look back at one of the greatest plays in Titans history:

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