Thursday, February 10, 2011

OSG Follow up: Coach alleged to be racially insensitive is suspended

Jason Popp/Courtesy: Thomas Ondrey-Cleveland Plain-Dealer
We were trying to think of a good way to write this headline and just plain couldn't come up with anything better.

Just yesterday, we told you the story of Jason Popp, a basketball coach in Richmond Heights, Ohio (just outside Cleveland) Read it HERE. His players were threatening to boycott him because they say he used vulgar and racially insensitive terms with them during practice. The team, though 15-0 on the season, threatened to quit if he wasn't removed.

Well, it appears that he's going to be removed, at least temporarily. The school district has decided to suspend Popp, pending the outcome of their investigation into the allegations.

More from the Cleveland Plain-Dealer HERE

Okay, we won't jump to conclusions here without knowing all of the facts. We truly hope that these allegations are not true, because they have no place in modern society, period. We also hope that the kids/players aren't making this up because they don't like their coach.

We don't know who to believe here, though we have good reason to assume there is something to this if the school district finally decided to look into it. However, we are a very disappointed that all administrator Linda Hardwick will say is the problems aren't bad enough that they can be resolved by talking them out. We are guessing that Mr. Popp will not be coaching again in the near future.

Your TV story from WEWS-TV in Cleveland:

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