Thursday, February 10, 2011

Was that really Michael Jordan practicing with the Bobcats?

Michael Jordan/Courtesy: Matt Rochinski-Charlotte
Why yes it was. Really....truly, it was "His Airness" himself, old number 23, this time sporting an orange practice jersey and scrimmaging with the team he owns, the Charlotte Hornets. No, we are pretty sure he's not coming back, but when the Bobcats needed an extra man for this mornings workouts, the boss...well, he was ready.

Said head coach Paul Silas, "The guys work a little harder when he's out here and rightly so because he's working hard", adding "He's holding these guys accountable and it's great. I love him out here, he's teaching them how to protect the basketball, play hard on defense, how to talk, so it's a good thing".

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We like the idea of the boss working with the workers, it should happen more often in business these days. Never mind the fact that in this case, the boss happens to be possibly the best player of all-time, that certainly doesn't hurt. And if you are a player, when the boss is out there running with you, I'm betting even the most egotistical NBA player wouldn't want to let him down.

We couldn't embed the practice video, so this will have to do, the trailer to a movie being made about the aforementioned Mr. Jordan, Invincible:

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