Saturday, February 5, 2011

Phil Simms doesn't appear to like Desmond Howard

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And in fact, Mr. Simms, the elder, threatened to hit Howard, a college football analyst for ESPN. Simms, CBS's NFL analyst was ticked off at Howard for criticizing his son Matt on the air.

Seriously. According to Howard's Twitter account, police had to step in. Simms however, denied that part of it, though didn't deny the two had a heated coversation.
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For his part, Simms denies the threats of violence, but doesn't deny getting pissed off...or that the two argued.

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Richard Dietsch of got a Simms's statement in a CBS Press release:

"Desmond and I were having a private conversation that became heated. But at no time was there ever a chance of any physical confrontation, or that I felt the police officer assigned to me by the event planners for my appearance needed to separate the two of us."

While we try and stifle our laughter over this boys-will-be boys issue, it does raise a few questions. Friend of OSG Sports Gil Tyree often talks on his radio show, SportsTalk at the PositivePub (Mondays at 1pm are guests on the show), about analysts being critical of kids not realizing the implications of their statements. In this case, we think, Simms is a rather pissed off dad.

It's not like they'd do this....would they?

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