Monday, April 11, 2011

Carl Lewis: From Gold Medalist to New Jersey Senator?

Carl Lewis

Hmmm. Carl Lewis, Olympic Gold-Medalist and legendary track and field star is expected to announce today that he is going to run as a Democratic candidate for the New Jersey State Senate.


Lewis, who won 4 Gold Medals at the 1984, LA Olympics and 5 more in the next 3 Olympiad's, is now 49 years old and lives in Medford, New Jersey.

His work will be cut out for him as he's running in a Republican leaning district, never know.

Strangely we find this fascinating. We wondered what Mr. Lewis was up to these days, guess this answers that question.

Unfortunately, this is more what Lewis is remembered for these days even if it was several years ago. It's not the full version, but trust us, after you hear this, you'll be OK with that:

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