Monday, April 11, 2011

Masters security keeps female reporter from locker room, they later apologized

Augusta National/Courtesy: ME

Interesting. Mostly because it is from the "Prestigious Golf Club that doesn't allow women members". But it does allow women reporters and "Patrons" so really, there isn't a good excuse for what happened to reporter Tara Sullivan of the Bergen Record on Sunday.

And yeah, before anyone says it, reporters get their dander up when another reporter is wronged. It's just like anyone else's job believe it or not.

Here's what happened. Ms. Sullivan was attempting on Sunday to get access to a post-round interview with golfer Rory McIlroy, who blew the third round lead in the tournament. She was doing what reporters to at the tournament, waiting under the big Magnolia tree near the clubhouse hoping McIlroy would stop there to talk with reporters.

He didn't.

So she continued with the pack of reporters who followed him into the locker room. They were allowed in, a security guard stationed at the locker room, pulled her out of the pack and wouldn't let her in. Apparently saying was "Not allowed". Which would be incorrect.

Rather than finish the description, read Sullivan's 1st person account of her Sunday RIGHT HERE

We feel for Ms. Sullivan because she was wronged. But at major sporting events, things like this happen on occasion. It doesn't make it right, it isn't, but we our ownselves have worked many events, including 10-years of covering the Masters and we can say 1st hand, the security guards there are often confused and don't know what the media can and can't do.

I got stopped my last year there outside the lunch room by a Security Guard who wasn't going to let me in even though I had been in the room and gone past him multiple times during the week. Still, he said "You aren't allowed to come in here with your credential". I said "Really?, I've only been doing it for the past 10-years". He continued being adamant that I couldn't come in until his supervisor came over and looked at my credential and said "He's fine".

I'm not saying the two issues are comparable, they aren't. But it is an example of the inconsistency of using rented security officers at a large event such as this.

Thankfully, the Masters apologized, as they should have. Sullivan being stopped can't be undone, it happened. We suspect it won't happen again.

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