Saturday, April 9, 2011

Jay-Z's visit to UK's locker room will cost him $50 large

Jay Z in the UK locker room/Courtesy:

It appears the alleged, impromptu visit that rap-mogul and co-owner of the New York Nets, Mr. Jay-Z, paid to the University of Kentucky locker room after the Wildcats celebrated clinching a Final Four berth, was expensive.

Mr. Z, or more specifically, his team, the Nets, have been fined $50,000 for the visit, which happened on March 27th.

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For those wondering, the reason this was a problem is fairly simple and straight-forward. It violates NBA rules which say no contact with NCAA players who still have eligibility left. And there were quite a few of those in the UK Locker room.

Like the folks at CBSSports said, we are glad at least the NBA was willing to investigate this and throw down a fine. Granted $50 large is not a huge imposition for Jay-Z or the Nets, but at least they know the league is paying attention.

It may have been intentional, though we doubt it. The suspicion is, he just wanted to celebrate and who are the Wildcats to turn away from an offer by someone of Mr. Z's credentials?

Since we have discussed Jay-Z at length here, its only appropriate to catch the few of you unfamiliar with him up. Enjoy his homage to New York City:

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