Saturday, April 9, 2011

Michael Floyd catches a break....sort of

Michael Floyd/Courtesy:
Troubled Notre Dame wide receiver Michael Floyd dodged one of the biggest bullets he's facing in an effort to remain eligible to play football at the South Bend, Indiana school. His break came when the school's "Office of Residence Life" decided not to issue a suspension from the school on the heels of his 2nd Drunk Driving arrest.

That isn't to say he's escaped the wrath of his coach, Brian Kelly, who added that Floyd remains suspended from the team and has many other issues to deal with before he'll be playing football again.

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For his part, young Mr. Floyd had a statement released saying "I'm grateful that I still have a chance to earn my degree and be a member of the football team." He added, "I know that I still need to meet requirements set by the University and Coach Kelly and that I have a lot of work to do and to prove that I've grown from the experience."

You'll recall that Floyd was arrested on March 20th for a DUI, his 3rd alcohol related offense while a student at Notre Dame. We might add here that he was the teams leading receiver last season and turned down the chance to turn pro and he returned for his senior year.


We hope that Mr. Floyd is getting his issue addressed because it seems to appear that he has one. There's some question as to how he managed to get 2 DUI's and another alcohol offense and not be in trouble with the school. How much do you want to bet if he was a regular student, he'd be gone?

It also appears, based on Floyd's statement that he's going to be playing in the fall. In fact, he already said as much. This despite Brian Kelly saying that Floyd has other issues to deal with and get his degree.

We don't want to come down too hard, because on the surface it appears he wants to make amends somehow. Maybe, if for no other reason than the NFL doesn't exactly look kindly on things like this. Teams do exhaustive research on guys before they are drafted and while there are certain "Transgressions" some overlook, Michael Floyd's transgressions are going to raise a red flag....or three of them.

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