Friday, April 8, 2011

Schlicter Gets Million Dollar Bond

((HT: WBNS-TV Columbus))

A judge set a $1,050,000 bond for former tOSU QB Art Schlichter, one day after he asked to be released from jail so that he could attend treatment for gambling addiction.

The HQ likes the gumption of the defendant, but haven't we all been down this road before...???

Schlichter has been in jail since February since he, allegedly, pilfered more than $1 million in a ticket scam. He still has yet to be charged.

Here's Paul Aker's initial investigation from Columbus...

"He's not going to be able to post the bond the court set," said Franklin County prosecutor Ron O'Brien.

Schlichter's attorney, Sam Shamansky, does not know whether Art can get that kind of money together.

"This is a very significant bond and whether or not Mr. Schlichter has the wherewithall to post the same is known only to him,"
Shamansky said.

Word is that his friends, if they exist anymore, would have to foot the bill if Schlicter can't...

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