Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Your NFL Strike Update--The Final Countdown? (Rich vs. Rich--Day 29)

DeMaurice Smith/Courtesy: File
And we continue. However, you'll only see one of these today...since I have to go to the paying job. But enough about me.

In today's episode, we follow the plight of the NFL Alumni. And apparently there are two groups of them. One, led by former Minnesota Viking Carl Eller, has attached themselves to the NFLPA (not a union) class-action lawsuit against the owners.

The other is led by former New York Giant George Martin. And Mr. Martin has been a little more receptive to overtures from the owners, though he and his NFL Alumni group hasn't backed them either.

On Tuesday, Martin and his group "Officially" responded to the April 4th letter they received from the owners. Among the several issues he brought up, the pension system for the "Older" retired players--not the recent guys, the guys previous to 1993. Also, he discussed improvements to the benefit and disability plan, something that's been a large issue in this debate.

Martin also added he'd be sending a similar request to DeMaurice Smith of the NFLPA (not a union).

You can read Martin's full letter RIGHT HERE

In other news, we came across a really interesting article that talks about multiple "Un-named" players looking for a getting "High-Risk" loans to keep themselves "Afloat" financially. It of course mentions that the NFLPA (not a union), had warned players to stockpile money in case a lockout happened. But, surprisingly, very few actually listened to them.

Read the YahooSports story RIGHT HERE

And finally, today is the day the NFL and its attorney's sit down and meet with Federal Mediator Arthur Boylan. The NFLPA (not a union) had their turn yesterday. The meetings are partially "Get-acquainted" meetings and also for the Judge/Mediator to get a feel for where each party is.

Our summary. We are fast approaching Ludicrous Speed here. Hopefully things will start moving in one direction of the other, but we're skeptical. The only thing they've been good at so far is acting like "Spoiled 3-year old brats". We don't expect that to dramatically change. We could see some concessions on the part of the league out of fear they could lose in Judge Susan Nelson's courtroom if they don't.

Either way, you aren't going to see you beloved NFL Football for awhile. Sure, the draft will be there and you'll get some form of stupid comments from both the NFLPA (not a union) and people with the League, but it will be similar to the rhetoric you've been hearing.

If they don't have anything decided in the next 2-3 weeks, there won't be anything decided until we get to Training Camp time...and that's in July.

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