Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Your NFL Strike Update--A Pre-Season Schedule? (Rich vs. Rich--Day 28 1/2)

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Well, it looks like we get two parts to our daily update of all things NFL Lockout/Strike. Consider this your primer as we hit MEDIATION DAY on Thursday. Though we might mention, each side will meet individually with the Mediator tomorrow.

In this afternoon's edition, we find out that the NFL has gone ahead and released their Pre-Season football schedule. OMG! Sportswriters all across America are gleefully typing stories of the upcoming schedule of games that fans have to pay full price for reserve football. OMG! Stop...now...I'm shaking with excitement.

We understand why they did it. They need to operate on schedule with the assumption the games will still be played. Yeah, that actually makes some sense.

Read more from Sean Leahy of USA Today RIGHT HERE

And your pre-season schedule is RIGHT HERE

We've also been following the war of words between NFLPA (not a union) spokesman George Atallah and NFL Communications czar Greg Aiello. They are pretty funny.

Atallah--"If the NFL lifts the lockout, they can ensure that these games will actually be played. They hold the keys."

Here's Aiello's comments on Atallah's comments--"The NFLPA conveniently ignores the fact it walked away from negotiations and filed a lawsuit that only delays the process of reaching an agreement. If the union commits to negotiating and resolving our differences the fans will then have certainty that the season will begin without delay".

We again say--SHUT UP! You do remember that the fans could give a rats ass about exhibition football, don't you? We understand the games have to be played to determine rosters...we get that. Really.

Aside from that, they are meaningless. Absolutely meaningless. But yet the Sports Writing public and people associated with football are steadfast and earnest with the sincerity of the thought of games being played. And they will.

We keep saying this over and over and over again. Why can't both sides of this issue just shut up and negotiate privately. Neither of you are winning fans and influencing people. Do you not get that?

We wonder if the Sports Writers reacted like this when they saw the release of the pre-season schedule?

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