Friday, April 8, 2011

Your NFL Strike Update: To meet or not to meet (Rich vs. Rich--Day 28)

And the beat goes on.

In today's adventure, our heroes are floating word to each side (albeit subtly), that they "Might" be interested in resuming talks.

While the general snarkiness of our thought process would normally lead us to laugh and say "Yeah, right", this time we actually believe them.

In fact they've agreed in principle that they should again talk, but that's the only thing they agree on. Neither can agree where or supervised by whom.
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Yes, I know you are shocked by this, as am I.

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The players or more specifically the NFLPA wants the discussions to be overseen by the U.S District Court that their lawsuit has been filed in. The owners, they want to go back to the negotiator in Washington. Us, we think they should go be locked in a small arena, given a couple of odd, usable weapons and the first one to knock on the door and walk out wins. But that's just us.

Ultimately what you are seeing here is a moral "Joust" to see who can be portrayed as being the "Good Guys" in this absolutely MORONIC dispute. Amazingly, right now the owners/league seems to be winning this version of a P.R war, something they are rarely capable of. The main reason. They seem to have figured out the best way to win is for the most part be quiet. The players have not figured this out.

Question: In the long run, does this mean anything?

Answer: Yes, it means they realize that in order for anything to happen the two groups are going to have to engage each other again. Both sides were a little concerned with the implications of Judge Susan Nelson's thought process. They feel that they need to show a willingness to work on it.

Question: How much damage has this caused with the fans?

Answer: We hope a lot. The NFL for years has been an egotistical, arrogant bunch of combative pricks. They knew that they had fans eating out of their collective hands and took advantage of it. They also went out of their way on more than one occasion to piss off other parties thinking "We're the NFL, they must bend to our demands". That no longer is happening. Cities can't afford to build palaces for the rich owners and the owners don't know what to do. They feel obligated to try and top someone else's palace without thinking eventually they will have to pay for it.

As for the players. They've done nothing to win anyone over either. They are coming across as a bunch of egotistical, over-paid, dicks. They are whining about not being able to afford things like medical insurance. And while we agree that the teams bear some responsibility in this, its still up to the players to actually devote some of their $1 million-plus salaries towards a savings or investment account instead of a fleet of 10 cars.

Now, yesterday we threatened to use the "Buckwheat Scenario". That scenario is to replay a specific event over and over and over again. Much like we are doing with this series of stories. We've decided that today, will be the last "Strike Update" that we do until it looks like we are heading towards a resolution. Something we are nowhere near close to right now.

In the meantime, this is the actual video that prompted the "Buckwheat Scenario" from Saturday Night Live, in the 80's:

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