Monday, June 6, 2011

An 8 Game NFL Season ahead?

Roger Goodell and Owners/File

If this is an indicator, we're in for a really interesting summer and early fall. The Sports Business Journal and other outlets are reporting the NFL is preparing for a season that could be as short as 8 games.

You can find there story (subscription only) RIGHT HERE

The report goes on to add that in such a scenario, the season would start in late November (possibly Thanksgiving) and it would push the playoffs back one week. The plan supposedly builds in a 5-week free agency period, training camp and an exhibition game.

Read the National Football Authority story RIGHT HERE

What do you think about this? Us, we are somewhat skeptical. We don't necessarily believe much that comes from league offices these days, because it is mostly PR Spin when it comes to the lockout.

It would be an intriguing option and one that would make some sense for several reasons: We don't believe the lockout is going to end soon. It could end by August, but it could drag on. We believe the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday gave both sides a stern warning about not-settling when they said "Neither of you may like our ruling".

As always, stay tuned, we'll keep you updated on all things lockout. There is usually something silly going on related to it, it's just a question as to whether it is actual news or not.

Because the NFL and NFLPA are incredibly needy and are fighting for your love and the number 8 is the theme of this story, we give you the most relevant video we can find:

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