Friday, June 10, 2011

Bloody Jersey Linked To Stow Beating...?


It could be that a blood-stained jersey dropped off at a Los Angeles-area cleaners may be linked to the attack on Bryan Stow that occurred opening day weekend at Dodger Stadium.

NBC Los Angeles is reporting that workers at the cleaning service called authorities after seeing blood on the jersey. Police have submitted the jersey for DNA analysis. And according to NBC LA, the results are a match for Bryan Stow.

But... and this is a big but for now...

While the blood belongs to Stow, police say the jersey does not belong to prime suspect Giovanni Ramirez...

David Begnaud reports on the release of the parole records for Ramirez...

From KNBC's Patrick Healy:

When NBCLA went to the LAPD for an on-the-record comment on the bloodied jersey, a source within the department said specifically that the jersey is not Ramirez's. The source declined to disclose who the jersey belongs to.

NBC LA has learned that police have delayed asking the district attorney to file against Ramirez as part of a strategy to pressure him to reveal information about two other suspects still at large.

Ramirez's attorney, Jose Romero, said he has heard police believe they have physical evidence but declined to elaborate.

The issue, from the LAPD point of view, is that they think they might be able to put pressure on Ramirez with this information. He's one suspect of a reported three with the other two currently at-large. The LAPD thinks that Ramirez may want to cut some kind of a deal if he can reveal who the other two suspects are and where they're currently hiding.

More from KNBC/NBC Los Angeles when we know more from Healy...

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