Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dwayne Schintzius and his battle with Leukemia

Dwayne Schintzius
((ht: tampa tribune))

We did not know about this.

Former NBA Center Dwayne Schintzius is in the battle of his life. The reason: He has leukemia and he's beating it.

Check that.

He's had leukemia since 2009 and he's just about beaten it. Something that only about 25 percent of all people diagnosed with the disease do. Yeah, he lost over 50 pounds, his hair and other things, but he's much stronger now.

Schintzius, for those unfamiliar, is a former 7-foot, 2 inch all-american college center at the University of Florida, who went on to play in the NBA for several years.

And while he didn't necessarily have the reputation as an incredibly hard worker as a basketball player, he's gone a long, long way towards eliminating that image.

A few days ago, he made a surprising public appearance at Tampa's "Sneaker Soiree",  with featured speaker Dick Vitale, who spoke about his crusade to help beat cancer. Though it took some cajoling to get him there, we are glad to report he went, and not only was he there, he impressed the heck out all who attended.

Please read his inspiring story from RIGHT HERE

We have been familiar with Schintzius from his time at UF and quite honestly, we weren't impressed with his skills, or effort as a basketball player. But after reading this story, we don't have to be.

The reason....he's impressed us oh, so much more as a man. We wish him the best and may he stay cancer free.

Okay, we have to post this related video only because it is very strange. We apologize for it not keeping with the tone of this story, but in it, Schintzius is apparently trying to participate in a viral video commercial for a product of some sorts. Odd, but during his NBA days, Schintzius was considered a bit of an odd dude,  and it was before he got sick.

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