Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dwight Howard: To stay in Orlando...or not

Dwight Howard

Well, it depends a little bit on who you believe. Orlando Magic franchise/center Dwight Howard is an upcoming free agent (in next 2 years) and has recently expressed some frustration with the Magic's inability to get beyond the 1st or 2nd round of the NBA Playoffs.

He's vented, more than once about this, including the inane statement at one point that "The Orlando Media want me gone". They don't. Whether you realize it or not Dwight, you are all they've got.

With that in mind, a pissing match...or debate of sorts is developing in the land of the Mouse.

According to a broadcast report on the local CBS affiliate in Orlando and their Sports Director Dave Pingalore, Howard is about to sign a 2-year extension with the Magic. He was "Mulling" it over the Labor Day weekend. It was "All but signed."

The story from RIGHT HERE

However, it hasn't happened just yet.

In fact, according to the local newspaper, the Orlando Sentinel and columnist Mike Bianchi, it may never have "Been" happening.

In a column in today's paper, Bianchi questions Pingalore's accuracy on this and other stories and says according to one of the Sentinel's sports reporters, who spoke to Howard over the weekend, the contract wasn't mentioned.

Read Bianchi's story RIGHT HERE


Having worked for many years in a TV Sports department, this isn't the 1st time a "Newspaper" has questioned a TV guys credibility. We believe that Pingalore was told by someone that Howard was going to sign a deal. We just wonder if that person really knew what they were talking about.

We think Howard will eventually re-sign with the Magic because it is in both parties best interest.

We also know that Bianchi likes to spout off at times. But he's not wrong here for raising the question. It's a legitimate one. He is right that some TV guys will throw stuff out there more to boost themselves or their image rather than tell a good story. We know the Orlando media is "All Over" this story and each wants to be the one to break it wide open.

Be patient reporter types. It will come. You will eventually get the correct information from someone. And yes, while you might get credit for being the 1st to report it, you will all get the same information and video and soundbites when it happens. As for being the "1st to report it", it means more to you than it does you readers/viewers.

NBATV gives us Howard's 10-best plays this year:

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