Friday, June 3, 2011

Gilbert Brule picks up hitch hiker by the name of Bono

Gilbert Brule'/Courtesy:
Sometimes, you never know who you'll see wandering the streets. We wonder if he was humming "And the Streets have no name"?

True story, Edmonton Oiler forward Gilbert Brule' was out in his West Vancouver neighborhood with his girlfriend headed to a park with his girlfriend to take their dog for a walk. They saw someone who they thought was hitchhiking near the park when it started to rain. He looks over and thought it looked like Bono but then thought "I had no idea what he'd be doing in Vancouver or why he'd be hitchhiking for that matter".

Finally, his girlfriend yelled "Bono" out the window...and got a reaction.

Bono told the couple he got lost and needed a ride to Horseshoe Bay, so they drove him over there and who comes out and greets the car? The Edge.

During the ride, Brule' told Bono he was a hockey player and Bono gave him a ticket to the U2 Concert a couple of nights later in Edmonton.

Brule' and his family got to go backstage, meet the band and got called out during the concert.

Not bad for someone who's never picked up a hitchhiker before.

Check out who he picked up, in case you've never heard of him:

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