Monday, June 13, 2011

Lawyer who triggered Tressel/Ohio State-gate in deep trouble

Christopher Cicero--on left
((ht: columbus dispatch))

It appears that Mr. Christopher Cicero, former Ohio State football player and current attorney may not be an attorney much longer.

Cicero, you might remember was the person who e-mailed then Ohio State coach Jim Tressel warning him about his players selling memorabilia for free tattoo's. Cicero knew of the issue when the tattoo parlor owner, one Edward Rife, came to him for legal advice.

Rife came to him for advice after the feds raided his house and found some of the memorabilia. Cicero not only gave Tressel a heads up, he gave him a list of what Rife had and offered to try and get the gear back.

It was the same set of e-mails that Tressel summarily warned Terrelle Pryor's "Mentor" Ted Sarniak about. To put this in layman's terms. It's like a cop tipping off his brother before the brother is arrested. You can't do that.

Anyway, Cicero is facing a complaint with the Ohio Supreme Court's Office of Disciplinary Counsel and may very well lose his law license.

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This whole thing is a mess and so easily could have been avoided. Cicero, for lack of a better way to put it, was a moron for notifying Tressel and Tressel is equally as stupid for not telling anyone about it until after he was busted.

At this point Tressel has already gotten his reward for what happened, Cicero it appears, won't be far behind. However, perhaps the most blatant abuser in all of this, now former QB Terrelle Pryor, well, he signed with an agent today and while the school is going to suffer greatly for his arrogance, Pryor and his agent, Drew Rosenhaus will be trying to convince NFL teams that it wasn't his fault.

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