Wednesday, June 8, 2011

More Ohio State: Pryor's backup at same Tattoo Shop

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Hmmm. What's that saying about smoke and fire? We ask only because there is a pretty continuous flow of information coming out of Columbus, Ohio relating to not only now former coach Jim Tressel, now former QB Terrelle Pryor, but now, quite possibly Pryor's back-up and possible new starter Kenny Guiton.

Kenny Guiton at Fine Line/Courtesy: WBNS-TV
WBNS-TV in Columbus published a report last night that Guiton along with several other teammates visited the same Fine Line tattoo parlor after the investigation on his teammates broke and coincidentally, there was a heavily autographed team football sitting in the lobby.

Read the WBNS Story RIGHT HERE

In this story, there are no "Specific" allegations stating Guiton broke a rule. The woman featured in this story says she was told the players were getting tattoo's in exchange for the football. Though they quote a now former parlor worker as saying he didn't believe such a transaction took place.

Again like many other witnesses who've surfaced during this mess, the woman in this story had to withhold her name. They all say they fear reprisals in Columbus and quite honestly, they are probably right. Despite everything that has happened, the Columbus faithful (fanbase), remains in denial and they don't seem to be hesitant to fire back on those coming forward.

We, and many others, agree with the inference that it goes on everywhere, but we aren't sure that it's to this extent. We've spent plenty of time around a "Big-Time" NCAA program and have seen a few "Questionable" things, but nothing like what appears to be going on in Columbus. We realize they have no NFL there, but it sounds an awful lot like they treated the Buckeye football players like it. We know college kids don't have a lot of money, but geez....

Watch the excellent WBNS/10 Investigates story here:





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