Friday, June 3, 2011

More Ohio State woes: Compliance department warned in audit

E.Gordon Gee/courtesy:
((ht: Columbus Dispatch))

Is this like piling on? Or is this the set-up for when the hammer drops so there is someone to blame that isn't E. Gordon Gee or Gene Smith?

A report released in this mornings Columbus Dispatch details an Ohio State University audit this past November that says tOSU's Compliance Department, under director Doug Archie "Wasn't doing enough to monitor the use of cars, uniforms and equipment by the schools athletes."

And considering the problems and allegations that have spawned out of the athletic department since that audit, there may be a problem.

According to the Dispatch, E.Gordon Gee says the school is "Taking a look at our failures" in the compliance department. But in the kiss of death, added "He wants Ohio State to set the standard for how a compliance department should operate."

Read the interestingly timed story RIGHT HERE

Here's the report from our friends at NBC4...

We find it interesting that the department has six people monitoring some 1,000 plus athletes. There's no way they can keep up with that. Though they supposedly are adding two more positions.

With all the allegations, which you can read if you scan the OSG Sports archives over the past couple of months, we wonder if there may be a plan for some scapegoating going on here. That isn't to absolve Archie, though we seriously doubt he or his staff could keep up with every detail involving that many athletes.

What we do know is the school is in serious trouble and is in damage control mode. Don't think for a minute that Coach Jim Tressel's resignation wasn't suggested or asked for. There appears, at least on the surface, an atmosphere of entitlement for Football players who seem to be able to do whatever they want, when they want and it will always be taken care of. No, Columbus is not the 1st place this has ever happened and it isn't the only place it's happening now. But its not right and somebody is going to be taking the fall for this, the question is only who?

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