Monday, June 6, 2011

Mountain West Conference Has New Logo.

The Mountain West Conference has a new logo. It's on the upper right of this column. This is what Mountain West Conference commissioner Craig Thompson said of the new design.

"This initiative is emblematic of the evolution of our league," Thompson stated in a Mountain West Conference release. "The overwhelming majority of the people we spoke to said the Mountain West is bold, feisty and highly competitive, and we strongly believe these qualities are reflected in our new brand identity and our new logo."

When I see that block "MW" I think bold and feisty. In fact the Mountain West has to be the first conference to give it's logo a nickname. It's know as "The Rock."

Here's a portion of the release from the Mountain West Conference.

The unique logo itself is a strong symbol of a league on the rise, invoking comparisons to stately campus buildings and the Rock of Gibraltar. It is unlike any other conference mark. Reflecting the expanded membership from the mountains to the ocean and addressing the previous prevalence of mountain imagery and word marks, the letters representing 'Mountain' and 'West' are given equal weight and dimension.

Don't you love explanations of a logo.

Those of us at the OSG HQ think the new logo looks a lot like the old MTV news logo. Either that or the new "Doctor Who" logo from the show that runs on BBC America...

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